Jonathan Ross Must Be Laughing

Posted on September 26, 2010


Two days ago I confidently announced to my parents that Rob Brydan is fast becoming one of my all time favourite TV entertainment personalities. He completely transformed Would I Lie To You? (BBC 1) From average to excellent with his charming sense of self deprecation.

It was with shock then that on Saturday night, full of expectation, we sat around the TV to feast on his new interview show – The Rob Brydan Show (BBC 2).

What the hell were they thinking?

James Cordon, his first guest, recently had a verbal altercation with Patrick Stewart at an awards ceremony. This is interesting! Why it took Rob 20 minutes to get around to asking about it is beyond reasoning!

Then there was the bewilderingly fleeting appearance from Mark Ronson who revealed only that he can play a tune or two on the stylophone. With such a high profile guest appearance on your opening show it is criminal to have done such a bad job. Rob seemed totally unprepared with questions – saved only by James commenting on his amateurishness to comedic effect.

OK I can see that they are trying to portray Rob as an everyday man, easy with the questions, avoiding difficult or controversial topics, but seriously. The failure to ask about his music, influences, albums, collaborations, live performances, what his future plans are is ridiculous.

Instead of speaking with his two guests, Rob abruptly introduced a woman, his ex warm-up act, for her first TV appearance – I hope it’s her last. After failing to build any kind of rapport with the audience or viewer she insisted on playing a tuneless song. “No! No!…. Make it stop!” we all silently prayed.

…Eventually she did.

The camera retraced onto Rob minus one guest (Mark) to continue a faltering interview with added awkward audience questioning. James, bless him, seemed as confused as the rest of us by the concept of the show (if indeed there was one).

I finally lost patience when the show ended early for an ‘up-and-coming’ band to play (it would be rich to suggest Rob had hand selected them) and decided to change channels.

Despite all of this I believe Rob could do much better. The main problem was that this show did not know what it wanted to be. Introducing new talent? Leave that to Jules Holland. Questioning celebs? There are a range of shows doing just that during the day – and I’m sorry Beeb… you have just about sacked everyone who could do a good job of it in the evening.

If this is what the BBC has in mind to replace Jonathan Ross, they had better think again.

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