Monday’s mixed bag of goodies

Posted on September 27, 2010


Tonight I managed to catch up with the previews of An Idiot Abroad (not having Sky and all) which I thoroughly recommend – especially for those who have followed the Gervais/Merchant/Pilkington podcasts and radio shows. It is just wonderful!

Lulled into a pleasant mood by Karl’s surreal observations and Ricky’s evil old witch cackle, two BBC shows caught my eye. The new series of Dave Gorman: Genius – where the audience’s ideas are picked apart by panelists (suspiciously similar to It’s Only A Theory) and a brand new show: Ask Rhod Gilbert – another celebrity comedian panel show.

Dave did very well as a host – clearly keeping on tack, moving the show forward quickly so not to get too bogged down in the scrutinizing. His guests Russel Howard (one of my favourite comedians on the circuit) and Hazel Irvine both played up to the absurd ideas posed.

The show had meaning, structure, British nonsensical humour and plate smashing. It’s familiarity was comforting allowing relaxed viewing. Certainly not a show to make you sit up and scream “This is brilliant! I want 30 more series of this!” which I am sure was what viewers of Have I Got News For You first said – but it’s a good giggle none the less.

To sum up – it was everything Ask Rhod Gilbert was not.

Part of me hates myself for not being won over by Rhod. He’s a brilliantly funny bloke with an even better accent. But the totally disjointed nature of the programme constantly had me asking “What the hell is going on?”

For a start there were twice as many people involved as there needed to be – Rhod (host), Greg Davies (co-host), 2 celeb guests, Rhod’s flatmate Lloyd (the point and laugh guy) and newsreader Kate Silverton. A bizarre collection of people.

Similarly to the points I made about Rob Brydan’s new show – Rhod’s had no structure whatsoever, though they tried to fool us occasionally into thinking it was about answering questions posed by the public. This simply was not true.

Rhod is a fantastic stand up comedian and I would happily tune in for a half hour set of his routine every week. What does not work is this contrived formula in which he is supposed to debate real questions.

That said, I did find myself laughing at a couple of moments – meaning there is a small glimmer of hope that they can ride the rough reviews and improve – drastically – for episode two.

Come on Rhod! You can do it – and if it doesn’t work, do the one about the lost luggage again! I bloody love that I do!

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