The Chilean Miner Saga Concludes

Posted on October 14, 2010


A Similar Mine in Potosi, Bolivia

The saga that has gripped the world for the past few months has finally reached the heart-warming conclusion we all hoped for.

The coverage throughout has been outstanding – detailed, emotional and long-lasting. Several news stories have come and gone in the time it has taken the rescue effort to free the miners. We have seen party conferences, the Milliband brother’s spat, fears over spending cuts and yet not one beat has been missed in Chile.

South America gets a raw deal I feel, it is an incredible continent with very interesting politics, huge arguments over conservation and international sporting events looming. Yet we hear very little of this in Britain.

Three months or so ago, Venezuela and Colombia nearly started a war, calmed only by the inauguration of a new Colombian leader who sought to ease tensions. There was also a freezing winter in Peru where many people living in the highlands died from the cold. Neither story received much airtime in the UK


Some have criticized Chile’s president, Pinera, for using this catastrophe for his own publicity. I do not subscribe to this viewpoint, more than that I feel he has done the miners, the country and the continent a huge favour.

Yesterday the BBC broadcast for a full15-20 minutes straight from their reporter in Chile covering the rescue. It seemed disorganized and chaotic as he raced around speaking to various people in Spanish to try and find out what was going on.

National Celebration

The result is that the viewer got a flavour of the strength of feeling felt by the people there and those around the country. They showed clips of large crowds, clustered in town squares, gathered solely to break out into celebration as the first miners emerged from what they described as ‘Hell’.

Another pleasing aspect is that the coverage has not wavered in importance considering none of the possible setbacks or further disasters have come to pass. There has been no fights, no cave-ins and no-one stuck in the rescue pod.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

It has been a true fairytale ending covered with as much vigour as the disasters in Haiti, Pakistan and the tsunami.

I hope this story has woken the world up to South America. There is no other continent like it, and there will be plenty of opportunities to return for further stories in the future on the back of the success of this one.

The End


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