Tim Minchin!

Posted on October 25, 2010


Tim Minchin and Alexei Sayle appear with host Dave Gorman on BBC2's Genius

Now, I am very fussy when handing out compliments to musical comedy acts – I love Flight Of The Conchords, some Bill Bailey and that is about it.

Tim Minchin I immediately labelled a one-trick pony on first viewing, but I think I was wrong.

Tonight he appeared as a guest on Dave Gorman’s Genius, BBC 2, and was absolutely fantastic. He showed he has a very agile comedy mind – reacting to some of the bizarre fantasies dreamt up by the show’s contributors with finesse.

I particularly enjoyed his jam with the pensioner fitted with harmonica false teeth (watch it here to understand what I mean!) and he bounced off Alexei Sayle brilliantly.

It is a shame he can’t appear every week on the show – sometimes the dud guests let the programme down!

All in all it has perked my evening right up!

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