Brick Lane: showcasing diversity

Posted on January 18, 2011


A showcase of East Central London’s cultural diversity, Brick Lane is a bustling, neon bright road, bursting with personality.

Brick Lane's street sign is displayed in English and Bengali (Image obtained from Wikipedia Commons. Photo by James Cridland)

If you want to drink in some of London’s friendlier, more unique pubs and bars, followed by a flavour filled meal, you could do much worse than spending your evening here.

I was reminded of my love for the area last night.

I arrived at the financial district surrounding Liverpool Street station, where, at six o’clock, suited people pour in through the doors and out into the underground like a drain on a rainy day.

The short walk to Brick Lane can reveal hidden gems in London’s crown; Spitalfields Market, for instance, or a number of small fashion outlets and vintage shops.

Vintage clothing is big business in this part of town – and right across the Shoreditch area.

There are all sorts of oddities to be found, tucked away in the corners of these shops; old designer wear, shoes, accessories, bags, briefcases, suits, glasses and more.

They are perfect for those searching for fancy dress, costume pieces or fashion gurus alike.


Brick Lane itself has a certain buzz to it, in part due to the electricity powering the neon advertisements.

On a Friday or Saturday night, thousands of evening goers drink in the fashionable bars and eat in a friendly, intimate restaurant.

The majority of the restaurants offer delicious Indian food. If you don’t mind haggling, I would recommend holding out for an offer from the promoters.

Do not be fooled by the first offer of a free round of drinks for everyone – this is a deal every place will offer you.

Pleasurable experience

There can be some fantastic deals to grab though, especially if you arrive earlier in the evening.

It can be daunting at first to choose where to eat, given the sheer volume of choice available. But rest assured, the food is always good, the staff are polite (most of the time) and the experience is pleasurable.

Brick Lane: in my view one of London’s best offerings.