Barnet vs Macclesfield Town Preview

Posted on January 21, 2011


Macclesfield have lost their last three home games, but the sentimental and emotional element associated with Saturday’s game could prove a difficult challenge for Barnet.

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It will be the first game Macclesfield play since the unexpected death of player Richard Butcher ten days ago.

“It’s going to be a big commemorative day, all his friends and family will be there for the game, and also Saturday is his birthday.”

“So that’s another hurdle that we’ve got to face and deal with.”

“They’ll be busting their guts to make sure it’s not four games in a row.”

“The way we’ll deal with it is with respect. Our condolences and our sympathy is with the friends, family and supporters. Our hearts are with them.”

“It’s a sombre affair, a sad occasion. Our attitude will be that for the people that are sad, can we make them feel better by the type of our performance.”

“There will be people there who won’t be supporting either team but will want to pay their respects to the player. It is an occasion and we want to be part of that occasion by entertaining those people with a good game of football.”

“It’s a terrible thing to have happened. However, that cannot and will not affect my players. We’ll try to do well up there and win the game.”

Challenge accepted

The manager is pleased with the mature attitude his players have taken to the challenge set to prove that he does not need to sign new players.

“We’re working very hard. The players are coming in and it’s been long days. They’ve accepted what they have to do and have immersed themselves in it.”

“I couldn’t have had a better response from the players, other than the performance on Saturday against Shrewsbury.”

“What we need is leaders, and what we’ve got is a lot more players leading on the pitch.”

“There are lots of areas we need to improve on. I’m looking all the time to improve. I’m making it competitive.”

Mature response

“I’m really pleased with the response from all the players. For example, I left Jake Cole out of the team. His response has been mature and professional.”

He’s got out there and has been training even harder. He wants his shirt back and I love that kind of response.”

Looking ahead to the line up Bees fans can expect on Saturday, he revealed plans to play new signing Tommy Fraser.

“Tommy will start, that’s for sure. He’s been fantastic in his first day’s training; the lads have taken to him straight away. He’s a strong character.”

“He’s been in a relegation battle before, so although he’s a young player, his experience will help. He’s a talented footballer but he’s a fighter as well, and that’s why I brought him in.”

“He’ll play in the centre of midfield, he’s a player that likes to be in the thick of the action, likes to be in with the muck and bullets.”

“He wants to be in the trench where all the action is and that’s where we’ll be putting him.”

Injury concerns

Darren DennehyDaniel LeachRicky Holmes and Steve Kabba are unavailable and will not be part of the playing party who travel north on Friday afternoon.

In part the continued absence of the injured quartet has prompted Barnet to give a squad number to Ivan Sunday. Ivan will have the number 26 shirt and is a striker.

He was due to play in the repeatedly Herts Senior FA Cup match against Hadley. He has been training with the Bees for the last fortnight after trialing with Wigan Athletic.

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