Watching teen movies with your parents is not a good idea – that’s a sure thing.

Posted on January 24, 2011


With a ruffle of the paper, a nervous cough and surreptitious sideways glance, my Dad uncomfortably dealt with watching The Sure Thing in the only manner he knows.

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For those who haven’t seen the film, imagine an 80’s version of American Pie starring a very young John Cusack. The nudity isn’t as explicit but the themes are very similar.

My dad has always found it impossible to sit through any ‘saucy’ movie scenes with the family, normally he makes an excuse to begin a conversation and pretend nothing else is going on.

“So, son, what did you do today?”

Last night though, was different. We were sat with my girlfriend and mum in the living room, having agreed to watch the film based on my dad’s strong recommendation.

My dad has become a huge Cusack fan in the last few years, Pushing Tin and Gross Pointe Blank are two particular favourites of his and of mine.

However, from the opening sequence, depicting a woman wearing a bikini, stretching out on a beach, my father’s tension was palpable.

I’m so sorry

He began to apologise, saying ‘I only remembered the funny bits’ which I have to say were few and far between.

All three of us began to squeeze entertainment from teasing him for his choice of film, pointing out the fact that he was holding his head in his hands and watching his blood pressure increase with every comment.

This was all done in good humour. As the credits rolled at the end of the film, he sunk into his chair and I think uttered a silent prayer of thanks for the close of his ordeal.


This behaviour was passed to my dad from his father. As it stands, I hope to be altogether ‘cooler’ in dealing with similar situations with my children.

But if I find myself watching a film such as American Pie with my teenage son and there is a paper nearby, I think I may find my arm reaching for it.

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