Love, hate or love to hate: Glee

Posted on February 12, 2011


My standard opinion of anything vaguely mainstream is negative, dismissive and largely ignorant. Glee, until yesterday, had fallen into this category.

Glee title card, image obtained from Wikipedia Commons

Instinctively I thought that it is nothing more than a cheap spin-off of the depressingly cheerful High School Musical – which I accidentally sat through two Christmasses ago.

Every time I was asked: Do you like Glee? I would answer: No, I hate it.

The follow up question: Have you seen it? No.

Yesterday I was convinced to watch a few episodes, I agreed with the determination to prove my judgement right.

I was shocked – within a few minutes I felt like I had got my head around why it has become the sensation it currently is.

The dry humour of Sue Sylvester (played by the brilliant Jane Lynch) counteracts the gooey teenage-lovesick story lines, opening the show to a whole different audience.


I was impressed with the musical numbers too. Anyone that has ever watched and enjoyed reality talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent cannot fail to watch in awe at some of the choreography.

The vocals are generally pretty good too – some versions are better than the originals in my opinion. Some do not work so well.


There are negatives that I think will stop it growing much further than it already has. The subject material is sickly sweet in parts and very unlikely to appeal to much of a male audience.

I also wonder how much longer the current cast will be able to portray their characters (aged 16 in the show) without it becoming a farce.

I am not able to speak for the series as a whole, but having watched a few episodes I am keen to watch more. Whether another 20 or so episodes destroys my interest remains to be seen.

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