Preview Barnet vs Rotherham with Paul Fairclough

Posted on March 4, 2011


A determined Paul Fairclough will be looking to his attacking players once again as the Bees travel to Rotherham United for Saturday’s game.

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According to the manager, there has been a shift in mood amongst the players this week, following their 4-2 win at home against Lincoln City.

“They have always retained a positive outlook, but there has definitely been a lift. They have looked especially motivated in training this week.

“Many of our players now are taking the lead, getting everyone going. It’s like we’ve taken off the chains. It has been a much nicer place to work.

“We have had the advantage of having all week to prepare for this game whereas Rotherham had a tough game down at Torquay midweek.

“We are feeling fresh and we have had time to plan our strategy.”

Barnet’s strength of strike force in players such as Mark Marshall, Izale McLeod, Steve Kabba and Dam Dearing would be prized by any team in the league according to the manager.

“Those players know the score, they know what to expect and what we expect from them.”

Team effort

He was quick to add that in his eyes players from all over the pitch could grab goals for the team.

He lamented Joe Devera’s near-misses in the Lincoln game which if they had all gone in would have given him a hat-trick.

“We’re not going there for the draw; we will absolutely be looking for the win, whatever it takes.”

Large squad

Barnet’s squad has grown considerably over the past few months, with permanent and loan signings being made at the club, whilst players such as Daniel Leach have rejoined training for the first time since sustaining the long-term injury.

The biggest problem now is keeping the whole squad happy.

“It is difficult to keep telling players that there is light at the end of the tunnel for them, and that they will play a part before the end of the season.

“We now have seven central midfield players, all of whom believe they should be playing. I have just got to be honest with them.

“The new additions have contributed to the group dynamics and have added competitiveness to our training.”

No clues given

He was not willing to divulge any pre-match hints towards who will make his starting eleven, mentioning only that there is one forced change due to injury in John Dunleavy.

Though the saying, ‘Do not change a winning formula’ may be true some of the time, Paul Fairclough says he will not shy away from changing his team if improvements can be made.

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