Lord Prescott: a comic?

Posted on March 7, 2011


(photo taken by Flickr user Steve Punter)

Former Deputy prime minister Lord John Prescott will present the shipping forecast on Radio 4 for comic relief, but questions must surely be asked if he is the right man for the job.

Throughout his political career, Mr Prescott has invited controversy wherever he has gone.

Who could possibly forget the day when he threw a punch at a member of the public after having an egg smash over his shoulder.

This caused a huge discussion at the time, with many siding for him – applauding his ‘instinctive’ reaction.

Blokes everywhere began to think of him as an everyday man, implausibly increasing his popularity.


Under Tony Blair he was selected as the country’s deputy PM, a job with huge responsibility and power.

However, following revelations of an affair in 2006 his trustworthiness came into doubt, resulting in some of his responsibilities being passed on to other ministers.

So, with this in mind, do we really support his recent rise to fame once more, carrying the same comic flag so brilliantly held by Boris Johnson?

The bumbling politician who appeals to the masses by laughing off genuinely large mistakes with an equally genuine smile.

Forgotten principles

This is a man who represented the working classes of Humberside, who’s message was to fight the bureaucrats, the upper classes and give power to the people.

Just as Labour were heading out of power in 2010, he accepted a peerage – meaning he can now wield unelected power in the house of Lords.

I do not know exactly what his take on this title is, but I would imagine ten years ago he would have been repulsed by the idea of joining this elite social group.

But now, these ideals have perhaps fallen by the wayside.

Phoenix from the ashes

There is something to be said for the manner in which he has pulled himself from the verge of becoming a marginalised celebrity, disgraced through involvement with an unpopular government, back into the limelight.

So popular, that he has inspired a fanbase on Facebook to create a group entitled ‘I Love John Prescott And I Want To See Him In Harry Potter’.

Though not so fortuitously there is also a group named: ‘Shred John Prescott’s Pension’.

These are just some of the controversial facts and opinions that exist about this man.

I am surprised that the BBC would so strongly support the changing public appearance of an ex-Blarite Labour politician, given its obligation to remain unbiased, truthful and moralistic for the public.

Or maybe he’s just available that week. Who knows?

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