A personal battle with Google

Posted on March 30, 2011


It is my ambition to one day top the google rankings when I type in ‘Douglas Ackerman’ into the world’s most powerful and established search engine.

Chief Master Sergeant Douglas A. Ackerman (image obtained from http://www.pope.af.mil)

I don’t know what that says for my character, to give such significance to the automatically generated results of a global corporate super-power, but all I know is right now, my google identity is far from me.

My interest began with the realisation that I was receiving viewers on my blog, arriving from the google search ‘Douglas Ackerman Death’.

I expect that for those individuals it was a disappointment to land on the web musings of an alive-and-kicking blogger.

According to the first few pages of entries, one role I have is as a highly decorated American army serviceman.

‘Chief Master Sergeant Douglas Ackerman is the Command Chief Master Sergeant for the 43d Airlift Wing, Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina.’

‘As command chief, he serves as the enlisted advisor to the commander on matters of health, welfare, and morale of more than 3,000 personnel from 15 squadrons, providing airlift support to the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps, 82nd Airborne Division and U.S. Army Special Operations Command.’

Staking a claim

So, it seems it may be a difficult task to overhaul this Ackerman’s place in google’s hierarchy. However, I can set my sights on a few other impostors taking the limelight.

Such as Dr. Douglas A Ackerman MD, practioner of urology in Clackamas, Oregon, whose specialities include:

  • Bladder Catheter Drainage
  • Lymph Node Removal
  • Prostate Removal
  • Kidney and Ureter Removal
  • Kidney Tube Removal

Your days of filling the internet with a list of your highly skilled, worthy proceedures are numbered.

Sporting legend

And D. Ackerman of Newport County RFC, part of their 1953/4 first team, who is reported as playing the best rugby for the club that year.

Back row, D. Ackerman (image obtained from http://www.blackandambers.co.uk)

It may make you quiver in your boots to know that I also played rugby, as part of Hendon School’s winning Barnet Borough Cup campaign of 2002/3, in which I came on as a substitute, once.

Importance of SEO

For those not interested in geeky online langauage (if you have read this blog you know I am) then chances are that SEO means as little to you as seeing a close friend choosing ‘Maybe’ in the rsvp of an event on Facebook.

It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and put simply, it is the set of rules that decides whether your website hits no. 1 on Google’s search rankings, or no. 1,000,001.

Why does this matter?

Well I happened upon a good explanation on Patricia & Tom Scott‘s blog which has some handy links on it.

Mastering SEO can mean that your website, or web presence, can outstrip that of lesser sites.

It is no longer any good to write purely for the consumption of viewers, it is now mandatory to please the inner workings of an algorithm.

I am working on my personal website debut, with a view to using it as my a launch pad to internet presence and hopefully one of those elusive graduate jobs.

Time will tell if I can make a digital impact on the scale of some of these greats with who’s namesake I share.

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