All-weather jobs

Posted on July 8, 2011


Dragging his heals - the unfortunate hedge trimmer soaked to his undies

What is the worst job in the UK when it rains? Inspired by the glum weather today and this man’s efforts outside my window to trim hedges whilst soaked to the skin, I would like to share my own experience.

A few summers ago I worked for a charity as a ‘Face-to-Face’ fundraiser. This is the somewhat glorified job title for those people who block your way in a street and harass you for money.

I was one of those people, known more commonly as ‘charity-muggers’ or ‘chuggers’ for short.

In the sun this turned out to be a fairly enjoyable job – I even got to visit places as far afield as York, Southend and Portsmouth.

In the blazing heat people were very willing to stop and talk whilst licking an ice-cream. Never mind about the fact that what we were talking about was a load of fluff!

But imagine trying to stop someone in the pouring rain, whilst juggling a fact folder, clipboard and umbrella, with the added weight of guilt.

I say guilt because I, like many of my colleagues at the time, knew that what we were doing was irritating and quite possibly wrong.

Many arguments were put forward by members of the public so sick of the sight of charity workers in the street that they went out of their way to engage in a lengthy discussion of all the detrimental and flawed aspects of the various charities worldwide.

It was in many ways a miserable summer – spending 45 hours a week being a person that I wouldn’t stop to speak to.

What are your worst rainy-day experiences?

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