Social Media Business Strategy? Send a Letter to Santa

Posted on December 7, 2011


This weekend I decided to find an alternative Christmas movie to kick start some festive cheer. The result of which is my conclusion that Santa must have had a hand in the creation of Social Media platforms.

Why? because Santa Claus had the same idea in 1947.

For one reason or another, The Miracle on 34th Street was the innocuous choice for some pleasant weekend viewing. It turned out to be quite a surprising package.

Apart from being an excellent film, with the type of charming bad acting that only a black and white film can get away with, my interest was piqued for different reasons.

To explain I’ll need to fill you in on some of the plot (without giving too much away).

Santa gets a day job

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My lightbulb moment

Now, substitute Christmas for Social Media and Kris for a Social Media Manager and instead of sending people to other stores, the parallel is providing people with quality content (i.e. not marketing fluff).

A Social Media manager, or whoever leads the Social Media initiative, is tasked with breaking down the barriers between the corporate world of the company, its employees and products and the consumer.

The reason for doing this, briefly, is to build brand loyalty, discover the customer’s wants and needs, present the company as a market leader and ultimately drive more business.

Comparable struggles

Quite often the person in charge of creating and promoting a new strategy within a large company comes up against barriers in forms of budget, time allowance and management attitude.

Often they are also seen within the company as producing crazy ideas which couldn’t possibly benefit the company financially.

I often find that comparing ‘new ideas’ to evidence of old ideas having the same inspiration is a great way of trying to convey the message.

It opens the topic up to a wider audience by illustration in an easy to relate way.

The similarities between the plight of those trying to forge a new Social Media strategy and Kris Kringle’s Christmas mission are incredible.

The mentalities of Social Media for business and Christmas spirit are so similar, it makes me wonder if it might be worth companies sending Santa a letter this Christmas.

Alternatively, he’s on Twitter @Santa_Claus

Are there any old films that you think bear resemblance to Social Media strategy? If so, post it below!

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