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An unlikely olympic martial art?

June 13, 2011


A brutal, fast-paced martial art, Kurash is the national sport of Uzbekistan and may one day become an Olympic event. But, most people would struggle to find Uzbeksitan on a map – will this sport change that? The short answer is: it’s difficult to tell, because although Kurash is gaining popularity it is a sport […]

Mexican drug cartels: what are they? And what do they do?

May 27, 2011


Most of the drugs that are sold in the US are imported via Mexico. Mexican president Felipe Calderon started tackling the drug cartel problem in his country after coming to power in 2006. But the US isn’t helping Mexico with its war on drugs. Therefore Mexican cartel bosses keep supplying the world with illegal drugs. […]

Why we should really care about the Giggs affair

May 26, 2011


Ryan Giggs – Manchester United player and one of the most decorated players in football history. It’s not been his footballing attributes, though, that have attracted the attention of the world recently, despite picking up the Premier League trophy for the 12th time in his career last weekend. But it’s his alleged pulling off the […]

Social Media Summit verdict: Touch screens are a blessing

May 23, 2011


There weren’t many agreements made between contributors at the BBC’s Social Media Summit (SMS) but all who did attend can be thankful for the noiseless calm of touch screen phones and tablet computers. Sat amongst the crowd in a cramped, sweaty room you could easily have gotten the impression that the whole event was nail […]

Now we’ve calmed down a little – here’s some post-Royal Wedding analysis

May 3, 2011


Now that we (the UK) have calmed down a little following the excitement and furore surrounding the Royal Wedding, look back at the coverage given to the event by many in the media and tell me we haven’t stepped back in time 100 years. I do not mean in a good way – I’ve got […]

A meerkat’s view of the Royal Wedding at London Zoo

May 2, 2011


Lord Prescott: a comic?

March 7, 2011


Former Deputy prime minister Lord John Prescott will present the shipping forecast on Radio 4 for comic relief, but questions must surely be asked if he is the right man for the job. Throughout his political career, Mr Prescott has invited controversy wherever he has gone. Who could possibly forget the day when he threw […]