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Social Media Business Strategy? Send a Letter to Santa

December 7, 2011


This weekend I decided to find an alternative Christmas movie to kick start some festive cheer. The result of which is my conclusion that Santa must have had a hand in the creation of Social Media platforms. Why? because Santa Claus had the same idea in 1947. For one reason or another, The Miracle on […]

Social Media Summit verdict: Touch screens are a blessing

May 23, 2011


There weren’t many agreements made between contributors at the BBC’s Social Media Summit (SMS) but all who did attend can be thankful for the noiseless calm of touch screen phones and tablet computers. Sat amongst the crowd in a cramped, sweaty room you could easily have gotten the impression that the whole event was nail […]

Love, hate or love to hate: Glee

February 12, 2011


My standard opinion of anything vaguely mainstream is negative, dismissive and largely ignorant. Glee, until yesterday, had fallen into this category. Instinctively I thought that it is nothing more than a cheap spin-off of the depressingly cheerful High School Musical – which I accidentally sat through two Christmasses ago. Every time I was asked: Do […]

Watching teen movies with your parents is not a good idea – that’s a sure thing.

January 24, 2011


With a ruffle of the paper, a nervous cough and surreptitious sideways glance, my Dad uncomfortably dealt with watching The Sure Thing in the only manner he knows. For those who haven’t seen the film, imagine an 80’s version of American Pie starring a very young John Cusack. The nudity isn’t as explicit but the themes are […]